Ok, ok. Don't freak out - it's not REALLY getting redesigned, that's just the premise of a very clever, four minute short by Peter Serafinowicz, the guy who played Pete in Shaun of the Dead and gave voice to the scariest bastard ever to wave a lightsaber, Mr. Darth Maul. Serafinowicz's short is a parody of the breathless features E! does on, well, pretty much everything, and addresses a controversial new Oscar that a master-of-the-obvious (his new logo for The Gap? "G  AP.") designer named Keyhole has come up with - among other things, it's anatomically corrected. His finger on the pulse of Hollywood, our intrepid reporter solicits the opinions of (possibly pretend versions of) Al Pacino, James Earl Jones (wearing his Darth Vader mask), and Alan Alda, the imitation of whom is good enough to make the piece worth watching entirely on its own.

[via Twitch]