A couple of years ago, you may have heard something about a guy in Germany who killed and ate a man he met on the internet. OK, so that happens around here at least once a week - but what was so demented about this particular bit of cannibalism was that the "victim" wanted to be eaten. Like, he went to the man's house fully understanding that he would be killed and devoured, and actually, um, ate his own penis with the guy before he died. (Hey, I'm just the reporter. Don't blame me.)

Anyhoo, needless to say, the story fascinated all of Germany (the cannibal, a computer repairman named Armin Meiwes, was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison), and a film version was pretty much inevitable. Entitled Butterfly - A Grimm Love Story, that movie (which stars Keri Russell, Thomas Kretschmann and two German actors) - ostensibly a fictional story "inspired" by the real events - was set to open in Germany next week, but its release was halted by a judge this morning. Finding in favor of Meiwes, who had filed suit against the movie claiming it violated his rights and could affect his on-going retrial, the court ruled that "Meiwes' personal rights outweighed the right to artistic freedom"; it's unclear how the German ban will affect the film's release in other territories.

Man, this story is going to be with me all day now. I'm so sorry I brought it up.
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