Wow, talk about taking a long view - the distribution folks at Universal were examining their release schedule the other day and spotted a large, inviting space in early summer, 2007. To take advantage of said space, they decided to yank Evan Almighty, the Steve Carell-starring sequel to Bruce Almighty, from its planned release at the end of this year and push it back six months.

Now, I don't know much about studio machinations, but something stinks about this. (Is the movie behind schedule? Say it's behind schedule - what's the big deal?) Though the studio is crowing about "an opportunity to get prime summer playtime for the sequel to a movie that did great in the summer," the fact is that they're moving their sequel into direct competition with Transformers: The Movie. Even if Transformers sucks, people are going to see it. Lots and lots of people. And, though it's not a comedy, it seems likely that it will still be fighting Evan Almighty for the much-coveted teenage boy audience. All of which might be worth the risk, if there was direct, hardcore competition in the movie's previous slot - let's take a look, shall we? Ah, I see Charlotte's Web and Night at the Museum. Yeah. Not so scary.
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