Jessica Alba is soooooooo pissed at Hef! Just because she was named one of Playboy's sexiest stars of the year, those dirty porn-peddlers wanted her to be on the cover. Because she's totally a good girl who just happens to have built her career by wearing very little, Jessica was all like "No way you guys!" And she thought it was over, right? But then those pigs went and tricked poor Sony into giving them a promo picture from the way-demure Into the Blue, and they put it on the cover! (Of the March issue. On newsstands now.) Can you imagine? Now people are totally going to think that she's naked inside! But Jessica would never do that - she's being, like, defamed and stuff.

Thank the Lord for lawyers: Jess got hers to send Playboy a nasty letter, demanding an apology, cash, and that the issue be pulled. Representatives for the magazine are acting like everything is cool, but you can be sure that their lawyers are scurrying around being the scenes, desperately trying to clean up the mess. Still, though - free publicity!
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