Joel Silver's production company, Silver Pictures, is most talked about recently for its much anticipated Wachowski work V for Vendetta(based, as we all know, on Alan Moore's creation). However, now that Vendetta is hitting the silver screen, Joel wants everyone to know that Silver Pictures still has a full slate, and is plenty excited for their other projects, as well. Silver Pictures will continue to do genre flicks - next up is a supernatural horror/thriller starring Hilary Swank and directed by Stephen Hopkins calledThe Reaping, which will hit theaters this summer. Silver Pictures will then slide into the Sci Fi genre with The Visiting, set to feature Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, and expected to hit theaters as early as this fall. The Visiting will also mark German director Oliver Hirschbiegel's first English language debut.

Silver also notes that the much discussed Logan's Runand Wonder Womanfilms are still in the works as well- even if action on them is slow right now. Logan's Run is still currently attached to Bryan Singer (hopefully to get into production sometime this year), and Wonder Woman is still under the mighty pen of geek kingpin Joss Whedon. Silver hopes to have a finished script from Whedon in hand sometime soon. Stay tuned to Cinematical for continuing updates on both projects.
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