Fox has now made official what Brett Ratner (among others) has been actively trying to convince us of for some time now- X-3is really the last X-Men film for the franchise. Of course, several spin-off movies are on the way - Wolverineand Magnetohave already been announced, and a Beast picture has at least been vaguely alluded to, so the franchise isn't stopping entirely.

The official press release from Fox came out mid week, outlining the basic plot for the film, and declaring it "the final chapter in the X-Men motion picture trilogy." I suppose if you want to go all conspiracy, you can dig into the working of that and believe that this film will only be the final chapter of the current trilogy, not necessarily the final chapter of the entire franchise. But really, who are we kidding? The X-Men are getting dangerously close to played out, and the real fanbase threatens to be entirely alienated by the direction Ratner is taking the film. If done well, there are enough X-Men storylines to support a 50 film franchise - but beyond being absurd from a logistical standpoint, the "done well" ship has already sailed for many fans. Even if Fox wasn't initially planning on ending the series with this film, they may have found it a necessity anyway. Or maybe I'm putting far too much value on the geek fanbase - after all, there are plenty of non-geeks who support comic book films these days. Thoughts?
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