Friday's odds n' ends:
  • In his seemingly annual pre-Oscar interview with Barbara Walters, George Clooney shocked the pants off the old broad by, when answering her requisite gay cowboy question, telling her that he'd already played gay. Um, hello? Did she not see Batman & Robin? Said Clooney, "I was in a rubber suit and I had rubber nipples." Come on, Barbara - get with it.
  • Negadon, a 40-minute, computer generated return to the glory days of Japanese monster movies, is aiming for a release this summer. There's something really endearing about the trailer - it's got the cheesy Mysterious Pod From Space, and the requisite Robot That Looks Like Voltron, and it's all done with such warmth and affection that it's awfully hard to resist.
  • Gael García Bernal, his Y tu mamá también co-star Diego Luna, and producer Pablo Cruz recently started a small production house called Canana Films, with the stated goal of making "cost-efficient, socially minded pictures that depict a more realistic view of Mexico." The trio's first effort for the company will be a still untitled, low-budget drama "that focuses on class differences" in the country. In addition to his production credit, the film will mark Bernal's directorial debut, and he also plans to star. (That's three hats, if you're counting. But he's so pretty, he can probably do anything.)