Director Peter Greenstreet's documentary This Divided State, which covered the controversial plan to bring Michael Moore to the ultra-conservative Utah Valley State College in Orem, Utah, has raised the ire of Sean Hannity, who was brought to the college in response to Moore's scheduled appearance. Hannity says he plans to sue the filmmakers due to this footage, which, quite frankly, makes him look like a complete jerk (actually, "jerk" isn't the right word, but I'm trying to keep this family friendly). You can also watch the first 26 minutes of the documentary on the official web site. While the clip shows Hannity being cheered by huge numbers of conservative students and being asked questions by the handful of liberals in attendance (who are often shouted down by the crowd), there's nothing especially "political" about it. Its intent seems to be an indictment of Hannity himself, but what it really reveals, to me anyway, is the sorry state of political discourse and what happens when emotions take over and people begin to block out differing opinions entirely. And, needless to say, that happens at both ends of the political spectrum.

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