For nearly two decades, Movieguide has annually honored the films that they believe best "reveal a deeper spiritual truth about morality, family, society, humanity, nature, or God." in addition to the whole religious component, Movieguide's Faith & Values Awards (AKA The Christian Oscars) set themselves apart from the mainstream with the added bonus of cash prizes (!) to some winners.

At last night's ceremony, The Chronicles of Narnia surprised no one by kicking the asses of all the other morally righteous films, and took home $50,000 in the process. Nominated in both the Most Inspiring Movie and Best Family Movie categories, Aslan and friends defeated such films as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, March of the Penguins, and Danny Boyle's Millions to win both awards. Also walking away with some cash were a trio of first-time screenwriters who wrote "spiritually uplifting" screenplays; David Anthony, whose John, The Revelator took the top prize, gets $25,000, and his work will be read by "top executives at...Disney, Sony, Warner Brothers, Fox, [and] DreamWorks." Well, damn. Beat that, non-Christian Oscars.