Clearly inspired by the wildly successful (from a cinematic and musical perspective, that is, not a financial one) fan-shot Beastie Boys concert film, Awesome; I F*ckin' Shot That!, Brit band Coldplay plan to equip fans at their upcoming Toronto concert with digital video cameras. There are, however, some major different between the approaches taken by the two bands. For one thing, the Beasties handed out 50 cameras and consequently had a ton of footage and angles from which to choose when the film was edited. Coldplay, on the other hand, will be using only four fan-manned cameras, which said fans will have to win on the band's website (the lucky four get to keep the cameras, whereas the Beasties took all of them back). Additionally, the footage shot by Coldplay's fans will only be "eligible for inclusion on the...DVD," which makes it sound suspiciously like they're trying to drum up publicity for being cutting edge, all the while knowing that the final result will be your typical, professionally shot concert film, only with a five minute DVD extra titled "Footage shot by you! The FANS!"
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