Actress Samaire Armstrong's birthday is on Halloween - it's fitting, then, that when she first became an actress she really wanted to do a horror flick. The young actress scored double in that regard and can soon be seen in both Stay Aliveand Rise, two upcoming horror movies. However, Armstrong recently told Sci Fi Wire that she was finished with genre and had no plans to return to it. In fact, she was quite emphatic about the point, saying "I will never do a scary movie again, I'm really serious. I will NEVER do one again. I don't see any conditions or circumstances that could change my mind about that." Armstrong admits that despite her desire to do a horror film, she has never been a big fan of the genre, and says that filming her recent movies provided a number of spooky experiences that she does not want to repeat. She says "You get to the point where you do too many seances or play with the Ouija board, and that's enough."

This makes perfect sense to me. I don't tend to watch many horror flicks, but I can understand wanting to avoid them after too much exposure, especially if you are the sort of person who gets spooked easily. For those of you who are made of more solid stuff, however, you can catch Stay Alive on March 24th, and Rise later this year.
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