The first real teaser for Rocky Balboa has hit the web (it's on the movie'sSylvester Stallone's official site, but the loadtime is epic; YouTube is a great alternative), kids. Now, I'm one of those bad people who is not only not a Rocky fan, but also has even been known - horrors! - to mock the hero from time to time, and the thing impresses even me. Though I realize that one minute of footage released nine months before the movie comes out means next to nothing, the simplicity of the image - just a long, unbroken shot of Rocky's beat-up eyes - combined with the weary, resigned toughness of the voice-over suggests a return to the quieter, simpler days of the series' first installment. How awesome would it be if this movie was actually good?

Also, the teaser includes a December 2006 release date, which is a little earlier than what we've previously heard - the IMDB still lists the open as February 2007.

[via JoBlo]
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