You can add the 1987 film Dirty Dancing to the ever-increasing list of movies that have become lavish stage productions. (For me, nothing beats Reanimator: The Play. It wasn't lavish but it sure was gory.) The stage musical story about Baby and Johnny and their magical dances of looove played to record crowds in Australia last year and now is being staged for London's West End. The production includes special effects to re-create the memorable scene on the lake, among others. (I don't remember the memorable scene on the lake, but I saw the movie once on cable in a hotel room and wasn't impressed.)

Dates haven't been announced and the show seems not have have been cast yet ...but tickets go on sale next week. The stage musical was written by Eleanor Bergstein, who also wrote the screenplay for the Eighties movie. She says "The play has everything from the film, and more." True, but there's no Patrick Swayze, and will young women swoon over the stage-musical Johnny quite as passionately? And do you think anyone will transform Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights into a musical?
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