John Travolta rushed out on stage and said something nice about the cinematographer. While the director has the idea, the DP is in charge of making it all look good. Thanks, John. And the nominees are:

Batman Begins - Wally Pfister
Brokeback Mountain - Rodrigo Prieto
Good Night, and Good Luck - Robert Elswit
Memoirs of a Geisha  - Dion Beebe
The New World - Emmanuel Lubezki

And the winner is...Batman Begins! Ha, no seriously, as if anyone would give that film props. The real winner is Dion Beebe for Memoirs of a Geisha. Although I did not see it, the film appeared to be beautiful and wonderful and, wait, let's ask everyone in China what they thought. Oh crap, they never saw it, did they? Congrats to Dion Beebe, who looks a little like Edward Norton, except for the fact that Beebe, well, won an award. Too bad The New World didn't win. It would have been its big chance to prove to the world that it actually existed.