I just woke up from a nap during the incredibly boring, self-congratulatory speech by Sid Ganis that preceded this award. Wow, Salma Hayek looks mui caliente in that turquoise dress, and she's not even a nominee this year. Isn't there some rule that presenters cannot look hotter than the nominees? Now the orchestra is treating us to a nap-inducing medley of the original score nominees. Not that music isn't important, we just don't care that much.


Gustavo Santaolalla, Brokeback Mountain
Alberto Iglesias, The Constant Gardener
John Williams, Memoirs of a Geisha
John Williams, Munich
Dario Marianelli, Pride & Prejudice

And the Oscar goes to...Gustavo Santaolalla for Brokeback Mountain.  Mmmm...if Brokeback starts winning all the little awards, that may not speak well for it winning Best Picture later on. We'll have to see what happens. Ang Lee and the Brokeback gang don't look especially happy about winning this category. Also, this guy is talking way too long and thanking everyone he's ever known, and  -- oooh! -- there's the gratuitous shot of the winner's spouse in tears. Yes. very touching. Lets move on.