UPDATE: We're live blogging the Oscars right now!

UPDATE: Oscar winners update in real time

You've had the predictions. The beard-stroking. The recipes. Now, though, it's time for the actual day of days, the Super Bowl for movie fans, The Oscars. Come on by starting at 5:00 Eastern for our coverage of the red carpet (from our own Erik Davis) and then liveblogging with myself, Kim Voynar, Martha Fischer and Erik as many of Hollywood's best and brightest take home one of the industry's highest honors and others take, as Letterman called it, 'the bus back to Muncie."

We'll have plenty of bandwith for your reactions as well -- so, whether you're watching at a glitzy, friend-filled soiree or just chilling pantsless and mocking everyone's gowns, feel free to share your reactions, pet peeves and shout-out loud moments right here at everyone's favorite movie site with no drink minimum ever, Cinematical.com.