Welcome to Cinematical's live Oscar coverage.  Erik covered the Red Carpet for us, and we have lots of screen shots - so it's almost as good as having been there yourself, only without all the annoying stuff from Ryan Seacrest. Summary of what we've seen so far:

  • Ryan Seacrest wants everyone to know he likes girls; he especially  likes Jessica Alba;
  • Guiliana needs a  bra or a heater, stat; 
  • George Clooney bought a new tux (his first in ten years), says he doesn't like any of the other nominees and Ang Lee might be a Communist;
  • Jessica Alba looks hot, but her tattoo is ugly and we officially hate her for eating dessert and still looking hot;
  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a great actor; but let's be honest - would an actress who looks like him get leading roles? Doubt it.
  • Much speculation on the crucial issue of the stability of Reese Witherspoon's marriage;
  • Felicity Huffman's dress just screams "One wrong move and it's a wardrobe malfunction!"
  • Isaac nearly brings it on to Ryan for having the audacity to use Issac's favorite word, "darling".

This page will be periodically refreshed with links to our up-to-the-minute Oscar coverage, so check back often.

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