The "winners" have been announced for the 26th annual Razzie awards and, for once, I'm happy to say I haven't seen any of the horrible films mentioned. For those not aware, the Razzies (or Golden Raspberry's) are handed out the day before the Oscars each year and honor the worst of what Hollywood shoveled down our throats. With so many bad films to choose from, it always surprises me how, come Razzie time, it's usually pretty clear who deserves what.

This year, Jenny McCarthy'sDirty Love took home the Razzie for Worst Picture, while also scooping up the awards for Worst Actress (McCarthy), Worst Screenplay (McCarthy) and Worst Director (John Asher). After Asher won his award, Uwe Boll took a deep sigh of relief, if only because it grants him one more year full of directing high-priced crap. If there ever was an award for the D-list Celebrity That Should Have Disappeared Ten Years Ago, then I assume McCarthy would have picked that one up as well. Oh well, maybe next year.

In the Worst Actor category, Rob Schneider grabbed the Razzie for his performance in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. This one seems about right since I'd rather get a root canal than watch Schneider in anything. Hayden Christensen won Worst Supporting Actor for his crappy Darth Vader impression and Paris Hilton took Worst Supporting Actress for House of Wax. The way I see it, if Paris keeps making movies, she'll keep winning this award. Finally, in the brand new category, Most Tiresome Tabloid Targets, our friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes beat out Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for the couple we wish would just vanish off the face of the earth right about now. Hurray for that! For a complete list of the "winners", click on the read link below.