Werner Herzog, everyone's favorite mad genius, is not what you would call a conventional filmmaker. Among other things, his path to direction involved welding, a harrowing childhood cohabitation with Klaus Kinski, and a walk from Munich to Paris, so it's not exactly shocking that he believes "film students could learn more about cinema by walking 5,000 kilometers alone than by sitting in a classroom." What's perhaps a bit more surprising, however, is that someone is actually giving it a shot.

Lee Kazimir, a 24-year-old filmmaker from Chicago, is currently about a week into his planned trek from Madrid to Kiev, a solitary voyage that he (of course) is documenting with a small HD camera. Though the trip has been partially funded by donations to his website, Kazimir plans to travel on the cheap, sleeping mostly in a tent (which he's also carrying) or on the couches of friendly folks he meets while on the road.

While More Shoes, the film Kazimir hopes will come out of the trip, could potentially be great, doing something weird doesn't guarantee him either good footage or the talent to make people care. At best, the film could be like something by Ross McElwee: both self-aware and self-effacing, and smart without being cloying. At worst, however, it'll be a precious vanity project that no one not related to Kazimir can sit through. (And, based on the film's trailer, I have to say I'm sort of worried.)
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