For the second week in a row, Madea's Family Reunion topped the weekend box office, earning an estimated $13 million. While that's less than half what the movie made last weekend, it nevertheless was more than enough to out distance all four of this week's debuts. The most successful of the four was 16 Blocks, Bruce Willis' latest actioner - apparently the old dude still has it, because the movie took in a little over $11.5 million, putting it just beyond Eight Below which, in its third week of release, was still the third biggest earner in the country with about $10 million.

Ultraviolet, meanwhile, despite no early reviews and an explosion of terrible ones the moment it was released, finished fourth with a respectable $9 million. (I sure as hell hope Milla's getting percentages on this one, because about $8.75 million of that is all about her.) Rounding out the weekend's top five was Aquamarine, also making its debut, which made $7.5 million. Block Party, meanwhile, finished seventh (just behind The Pink Panther, which just keeps holding on) with a very respectable $10 million on roughly half as many screens as Aquamarine and Ultraviolet. The complete list is after the jump.