The geeks among us who watched the Oscars this year didn't have much to talk about. Our heavy hitters, despite being kings at the box office (Narnia, Star Wars, and Potter, for example), didn't get much love from the Academy, taking in only the occasional peripheral nomination for costuming and the like. However, we did get a small moment of enjoyment when Wallace and Gromitclaimed the best animated feature award* and its beloved creators Nick Park and Steve Box stepped forward to collect their prizes wearing outlandishly large bow ties, complete with miniature versions for the Oscars. Park and Box explained the attire by simply saying that initially they couldn't decide if the gimmick was passable, but by the time the evening rolled around they were so nervous that they just decided "what the heck." I, for one, am glad they did, because it provided one of my few moments of true enjoyment in an Oscar ceremony from which I was otherwise rather detached.

Disclaimer: Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to devalue the movies that did win, just noting that the films I enjoyed most from this year didn't make the Oscar cut. I guess the filmmakers will just have to comfort themselves with the piles of money they can roll in while the rest of Hollywood laments the declining box office numbers.

*The geeks of the world would have been just as satisfied, certainly, if anime hit Howl's Moving Castle had claimed the award.