Steven Spielberg spoke to Fox News columnist Roger Friedman last night at the Academy Governor's Ball and the director claimed that he's taking a year off. His film, Munich, was so non-existent at the Oscars, if it weren't for the random shots of Spielberg, I would have forgotten all about it. What was it called again?

Anyway, while this news obviously means we are waiting that much longer for Indy 4, it does not mean there won't be a sequel. According to Spielberg, he is still directing the film...sometime before he dies. Phew. Also, it appears as if Jeff Nathanson, who wrote the latest draft of Indy 4, has been taken out of the game for reliever David Koepp. Spielberg says, "I have David Koepp in it now, and he's my closer." Well, if the story is anything like Koepp's version of War of the Worlds, then it appears as if this one may slip away from us in the bottom of the ninth.

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