In a recent interview with Empire Online, Joss Whedon shelled out some more details about Wonder Woman...and I'm just so not excited about this film. Since, according to Whedon, "[the script] is very awesome, but incredibly unfinished," we still don't have any idea who he's going to cast in the role. Recent rumors claim he may go the Brandon Routh route and cast an unknown. Hey, as long as I can say, "Damn, that girl is Da Bomb," then that's all that counts, right?

As far as story goes, Whedon explains, "I can tell you that the film will be about introducing you to Wonder Woman. She'll be wearing the outfit and there will be the bracelets, the golden lasso and Greek gods. She comes from a civilization where she's rather perfect, so she's the opposite to Buffy in many ways, but she's going through an adolescent rite of passage because she's new to the world".

Hmm, seems like my imaginary ex-girlfriend who left me after realizing that I was not the most amazing man on the face of the earth. Okay, so what if it was five minutes after she arrived on the planet - the girl was a quick learner. Whedon also says that he's working hard on a Buffy movie for Spike, and that he'll know soon whether or not that will actually happen. 

[via Dark Horizons]

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