Even if it's crappy, Reno 911!: Miami is going to make money. It'll have a huge opening weekend, and then hang around long enough to make a profit, if only via DVD sales. That said, though, the show is both popular and shockingly clever (I can admit that now that I'm over my snobbiness and have watched it). Since the movie's being made by the same bunch of people, it might surprise some of my fellow snobs by actually being really good.

The film's production team, however, isn't counting on its quality to bring in new viewers: instead, they're augmenting their basically unknown cast with famous, ironically audience-grabbing names. A few weeks ago, it was announced that Paul Rudd had joined the cast, possibly as "some kind of whacked-out drug dealer," and now IESB is reporting that a whole slew of "stars" have been added, including The Rock, Danny DeVito, and Paul Reubens. While none of those guys is likely to play a massive role in the movie, the possibility that, say, Reubens will show up and do something self-effacing is enough to make pretty much anything more appealing.

The film is due for release sometime later this year - do I smell a box office surprise?
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