We all love to talk about how Hollywood never has any new ideas, and the folks there rarely do anything to change our minds, churning out crappy sequel after crappy sequel, and endlessly remaking and tweaking old ideas. Among those poor, abused old ideas is that of a little, green-clad boy named Peter Pan. From a silent adaptation in 1924 to the retina-scarring image of a fully-Naired Robin Williams as a grown-up Peter in Hook; from the 1950s cartoon version to Johnny Depp's J.M. Barrie in Finding Neverland, Hollywood just cannot get enough of that flying kid. And now, just in case you were worried a whole three years might pass without another Peter Pan flick, New Line has bought a pitch that approaches the story from a rather promising horror angle.

Blandly-but-cleverly entitled Pan, first-time writer Ben Magid's pitch has a supernatural twist, and depicts Peter as "a villain tracked by police captain named Hook"; New Line paid for the pitch and then set the film up to be developed through the recently-founded Energy Entertainment management group. Because I'm a whore for dark detective stories, I think this approach has a ton of potential. The more rational among you, however, will probably say that it's going to be a crappy, gimmicky mess with a throwaway story that probably won't be able to sustain 90 minutes of film. Sigh. Dammit, why can't you just let me dream for a few minutes?
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