Over at Moviefone (part of our AOL-sugardaddy), they gave cameras to a bunch of  "Hollywood's Biggest Stars" including Charlize Theron, Queen Latifah, Sir Elton John, Jessica Alba, Zooey Deschanel, Ang Lee and...Donatella Versace. Okay, that last one is about as good as giving one to Paris Hilton - I mean, I know Dontella dresses a lot of stars, but that doesn't really make her a star, does it?

Anyhow. As you might expect, Oscar-winning director Ang Lee got some interesting shots (although whoever he had actually taking the photos needs some lessons in framing from Lee, because the tops of the heads are chopped off in most of them), including the fab one of Jake Gyllenhaal, above, getting a little "Brokeback" on his director at an after party.

Charlize Theron's shots get personal - including a playfully un-glam shot of her brushing her teeth, her toenails getting painted (hey, she has a tattoo on her foot!), and a gaggle of people doing her hair and makeup - hey, we'd all look that good too if we had all that help, right? Unfortunately, no one told her her dress was really not attractive.