Apparently Jimmy Kimmel had a special post-Oscars show last night, probably in an effort to persuade the 14 viewers who were still awake after a really long riveting Oscar ceremony to stay tuned to ABC. Among Kimmel's guest was Quentin Tarantino who, since he obviously hasn't slept in three years, had no trouble staying up for the affair. Trapped in Kimmel's tan chair, the shy and retiring Tarantino rose to the occasion by naming his top four films of 2005, none of which nominated for best picture: Hustle & Flow, Domino, The Devil's Rejects and Sin City. Since he was "guest director" on Sin City, and because the manic nature of Domino owes more than a little to his influence, it's no surprise that Tarantino picked those two - but I'm still shocked at the fact that all the films are American and, apart from Devil's Rejects, reasonably mainstream. If Kimmel didn't tell him beforehand that the movies he chose had to be familiar to the TV audience, my faith in QT as a movie fan is slipping. (I mean, no K-horror? Nothing wildly obscure for his fans to run out and download?) Also, like Jette's brother, Tarantino felt that Mickey Rourke was stiffed by the Academy when he went un-nominated for his work as Marv in Sin City.