is the latest entry in the Revisionist Vampire genre, where evil bloodsuckers are recast as a fashionable but oppressed minority in a world gone mad. Or as repressed supermodels. Instead of stalking innocent damsels in their bedrooms, they now stalk the runways of Paris and Milan, picking up aviator sunglasses and other accessories that match the exclusive-club nature of their blood type. The unfortunate need to inject a little blood now and then - so bourgeois - is handled with the discretion of a coke habit. The pointy canine teeth are retained by some of these new vampires for retro kitsch value, such as the character of Garth in this film, who is a model for a sort of English-Humanities Professor Vampire. As he paces the floor, fulminating on the existential problems of vampirism, the teeth make a nice contrast to his furrowed brow and unkempt hair. Not to get your hopes up. Ultraviolet is an ultra-careless action-vampire mash-up that will satisfy neither action fans or those who enjoy the typical Wikipedia-culled hodgepodge of vampire lore. It rarely even makes sense. After the movie informs us that vampirism was recently created by a viral mutation, for example, we see the vampires brandishing swords with ancient glyph writing burned onto the blades. Looks like they've been around for a while.