Hey everybody, guess what! The SNL dudes who wrote "The Chronic of Narnia" are back with another number. It's nowhere near as good as that little bit of genius but, since nothing ever will be, perhaps that's not a fair comparison. Let's just say it's different: submission two the latest involves a lot less Magnolia Bakery-sweetness and a lot more swearing and violence. And, since Natalie Portman is the one swearing and kicking ass, shock value alone makes it funny. That said, what really matters is the following:
  • She's hot.
  • She's rapping.
  • She says "you can suck my BLEEP."
  • She sneers.
  • She says "I wanna BLEEP you too."
  • She breaks a bottle over her own head.
  • She's hot.
  • She wants "to drink and fight."
  • She's a badass.
  • She breaks a chair over her interviewer's head.
  • Did I mention hot?
Edit: NBC's got it up right here. Since they can't violate their own copyright, it should be there for a while. [via Gawker]
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