It seems that True Believers are not the only ones who have found themselves embroiled in debate regarding the dismal-sounding future of the X-Men film franchise. According to a report on Sci Fi Wire, several of the film's primary actors wound up arguing over the direction of the story, as well. The story reports that Ian McKellen, Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman found themselves arguing about the film's central problem during a round table interview.

Here's why: the film centers around a cure developed which can revert mutants back into "normal" human beings, and the mutants naturally struggle over whether or not they wish to be "cured." Ian McKellen stated the idea that a mutant needs to be cured is as "contemptuous" as the idea that a gay man such as himself needs to be "cured" of homosexuality. Halle Berry agreed, saying that the point also makes sense from a racial standpoint. Berry indicated that when she was young, she used to wish she could change her skin color thinking it would make her life better- and as she grew older she realized how flawed that thinking was.

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