Neil Gaiman's "adult fairy tale" Stardust is a long way from the dark world of his Sandmanseries - in fact, it's been compared to The Princess Bride. The novel tells the story of a guy named Tristan Thorne who, in pursuit of a fallen star for his beloved (hey, it's a fantasy novel, ok?), travels in to the magical land of Faerie. While in Faerie with the star (who, by the way, turns out to be a woman named Yvaine), Tristan has to do battle with "a pirate named Captain Shakespeare and an evil witch." And, yet again, writing for Cinematical is making me buy a book. Dammit.

The book is being brought to the screen for Paramount by Matthew Vaughn, a friend of Gaiman's who co-wrote the screenplay with Jane Goldman; Vaughn has quietly put together quite a cast for his film. The evil witch/pirate duo will be played by Michelle Pfeiffer and one Robert De Niro, while the much-coveted (according to Reuters, many screen tests were required to cast the part) role of Yvaine was won by Claire Danes. Filling out the cast are Sienna Miller, as the girlfriend, and some guy named Charlie Cox, who will play Tristan.

Stardust will begin filming in April, mostly in the UK and Iceland (!).
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