Despite the almost unstoppable barrage of book-to-movie and movie-to-video game properties these days, the powers that be have somehow managed to almost surprise me (almost) with the latest announcement (a title that will complete the full book-to-movie-to-video game trifecta) - I swear I'm not kidding - Left Behind, the video game. In Left Behind: Eternal Forces, gamers can experience life as a "left behind" (i.e., schmuck who missed out on the Rapture action) New Yorker, searching high and low for converts to join a "paramilitary" resistance against the powerful mechanisms of the Antichrist. The game will be marketed through traditional means such as gaming magazines, and also directly marketed to church congregations.

First off, let me be clear on one point. My incredulous response to this announcement is not formed through any derision towards believers (not to be confused with Stan Lee's True Believers). In fact, it is largely because I count myself among their number that I'm left rather weirded out by this deal. Seriously - role play a post-rapture experience? No thanks, I think I'd rather stick with gunning down the undead or searching for the Triforce. Any discussion of merchandising/exploiting a religious concept put aside, I just don't understand the appeal this game is supposed to have.