It's been at least a few days since we've last updated you with new Supermanimages; I don't know about you, but I've certainly felt the lack (it was rather nice, actually). However, the gods of the internet have heard the pleas of the needy, and they've responded by bestowing upon us some very nice looking high res images, which you can view in all their shiny glory over at CBR.

These images are a nice change of pace from the slew of 'Hey, check out Superman in his Super tights!' pics that've hit the media in the past month or so (probably most amusing of the bunch is the shot of Clark flying). I continue to be excited for this movie, despite the parade of problems that the production has supposedly experienced. Unlike some other super hero films we could name, the shots from Returns continue to look great. Stay tuned for further image updates as they become available.
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