Moviefone has released a new international trailer for Mission Impossible 3 which kind of differs from the current teaser available, but not really. This one appears to focus more on the action, choosing to leave out the conversation between Tom Cruise and Academy Award winner (sorry, I had to say it) Philip Seymour Hoffman that opened up the U.S. version.

It's hard to tell exactly what's been added since both trailers/teasers seem to show clips from the same action sequences. Although, in this one, a really nice car blows up. Crazy.  While it's being said that MI:3 will delve into Ethan Hunt's personal life (minus the Scientology addiction), I tend to think studios gear their international trailers more towards the eye candy with a lot less story. I'm thinking maybe that's why the Cruise/Hoffman conversation was left out, but then again, we Yanks love the action too. Seeing as the film opens on May 5th, I'm guessing an extended MI:3 trailer should be popping up soon as well.