According to a great piece by the LA Weekly's Nikki Finke this morning, the makers of The March of the Penguins are considering suing Warner independent Pictures, the film's American distributor. Why? They want more goddamn money, that's why! The movie has made nearly $80 million at the box office so far and, apart from the $1 million for distribution rights and some back end money, the film's production team has seen precious little of it. The problem, of course, is that they SIGNED A CONTRACT that set up current payment situation so, unless pouting has suddenly become a valid legal argument, a lawsuit seems unlikely to stand much of a chance.

Interestingly, Finke points out that the Penguins team had multiple chances to expand their profits by agreeing to a licensing deal but that they repeatedly refused, quite reasonably fearing that such a thing would "cheapen" their film. So what happens? They show up at the Oscars with stuffed penguins. Nice.