Odds and ends for Tuesday:
  • Master thespian Jack Black will join the cast of Oscar-nominated screenwriter Noah Baumbach's new project, and untitled film starring Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh, aka Mrs. Baumbach. Black will play the husband of a woman (either Leigh or Kidman) who is visited by her sister (whichever one isn't playing Black's wife) and the sister's 12-year-old son. Ok, it sounds boring - but then so does "It's about some people getting divorced," and The Squid and the Whale was fantastic. Let's give the thing a chance.
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman (did anyone else notice while watching the Oscars that he's built EXACTLY like Jack Black?) is taking his Oscar-winning ass over to Fox Searchlight, where he'll costar in Savages with Laura Linney. Based on the previous item and this one, it would appearing there's a run on grim little family stories: this one is about a brother a sister who are forced to care for their elderly father, a man who has been distant their whole lives. Needless to say, much is learned by all about family, responsibility, and love. Sorry, I teared up there for a second.
  • Isn't royalty just hilarious? Universal is hoping so, because they just invested in a comedy pitch called Once and Future King, about "the tumult felt in the British royal family after it's discovered that an Australian farmer is the rightful king of England." What's insane about this is that it apparently actually happened: the maybe-king is now the 14th Earl of Loudoun, and lives happily (and royally) in New South Wales.
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