There are whole lot of people looking forward to Nacho Libre, among them the crazed fans of Jack BlackNapoleon Dynamite (and, though they may not know it, director Jared Hess), and writer Mike White (of The School of Rock fame). The movie is the story of Nacho, a priest who, in an effort to keep the orphanage in which he was raised from closing, begins moonlighting as a wrester at the local Lucha Libre club. Because the movie is due out in June, test screenings have begun and, as usual, AICN has a couple of the earliest reactions. Sadly, from the sound of things all of those fan groups are going to be very bummed out.

Though one of the reviews is really too brief to shed much light on the movie, the other is both well-informed and thoughtful. According to its writer, there are some wonderful moments in the movie: Black's acting is great, the film looks gorgeous, and the fight scenes are surprisingly good. The problem, though, is that the good parts only account for about 25% of the movie; the other 75% is crap. The screenplay is awful, a collaboration between quip-masters White and Hess that manages to have zero memorable lines. In addition, the humor is sometimes strangely juvenile, which is particularly disappointing coming from two people who are so skilled at mixing clever humor with mainstream sensibility. Yikes.

Let's all just keep repeating these two words to ourselves: "rough" and "cut."
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