Like everybody's crotchety grandpa, Anthony Hopkins has reached the point in life when he's just too old and too well-established to pretend any more. He's sick to death of Hollywood's "'insanity', 'self-importance' and 'condescending' attitude to the movie-going public" and doesn't care who knows it, so he sat down with the BBC to vent his proverbial spleen.

On top of his general disgust with the industry, Hopkins can't stand the current trend towards shooting and editing action sequences so actively that no one can even see what the hell is going on. In addition, he can't stand actors who consider themselves important enough to make stupid demands (meaning roughly 90% of Hollywood), particularly the morons on a recent set who "wouldn't come out of their trailers for some reason." Gee, I can't imagine who that might be. Hopkins himself is more in the Harrison Ford "it's not a craft, it's a job" mold, saying "[Acting is] a job, like any other, so don't make a big deal. Be polite, treat the crew with respect and don't think you're different." Could we maybe print that on velvet and include in the Oscar swag bags next year, or something?
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