In a recent appearance on the UK television program Parkinson (on ITV1), Kevin Spacey discussed his role as Superman uber-villain Lex Luthor for the upcoming Bryan Singer film Superman Returns. While discussing the role, Spacey mentioned that he's been contracted to a full three movies, confirming what was already widely speculated regarding plans for Sequels of Steel. It is almost holy law at this point that successful super hero movies will earn a minimum of one sequel - and full franchising of a super story line is all the rage. Spacey said that he'd spent six weeks in filming on the set of Superman, and now he "expects the franchise to look after him." He confirmed his appearance in a sequel, and mentioned that he'd possibly appear in a third film, as well.

I suppose any hard news of a sequel is technically "tentative" until Supes performs well in the box office - but at this point that seems to be a presumed fact. After the opening weekend or two, the sequel talk will no doubt become official, and the guessing game will then move to how many films will be made in the modern Superman franchise.
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