Published early this year, Manhattanite Maria Dahvana Headley's debut, The Year of Yes: A Memoir, details the year she spent saying yes to every (non-violent, unmarried, non-addict) person who asked her out. Though the book is just another in the depressingly trendy chick-lit genre, the only thing that's surprising about the news that the movie rights have been picked up is that it took this long for them to sell.

Variety reports this morning that the lucky studio is Paramount, which has assigned the film to producer partners Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen. Though it's far too early to even have a screenwriter on board, even a cynic like myself has to admit that this project is loaded with potential. First of all, the many encounters in the book lend themselves naturally to a picking choosing process, by which a writer can easily craft a narrative made up of the best/funniest/most awful of them. Secondly, the fact that Headley actually MARRIED ONE OF THE MEN gives story a magical - and true - happy ending. Third, and perhaps most importantly, Jinks and Cohen make good, sometimes unusual films. Together they produced American Beauty, Down with Love, and Big Fish, three films that are distinctive and quirky enough to lead one to the shocking conclusion that the pair might actually be more interested in originality than following box office trends.
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