Somehow this is turning into cult-movie week for Vintage Image of the Day. Yesterday, Richard Elfman's birthday inspired me; today, it's the anniversary of Divine's death. Divine, born Harris Glen Milstead, died in 1988 of heart failure.

Divine had a colorful and varied career as an actor, mostly in John Waters movies such as Pink Flamingos in 1972 and Hairspray in 1988. In several of Waters's films, Divine took both a male role and a female role; in Female Trouble, clever camerawork enabled the male Divine character to rape the female Divine character. The above image is from one of Divine's few non-Waters films, Lust in the Dust, in which he teamed up with Lainie Kazan. The campy Western spoof from 1988 was directed by Paul Bartel, another much-missed cult film figure.

The latset scuttlebutt is that John Travolta will be cast in the Divine role in the upcoming movie adaptation of the stage musical Hairspray. Travolta has some pretty big shoes—glittery, with high heels—to fill.

I'm not sure whether I'll continue the cult movie image theme for the rest of the week; is Richard O'Brien's birthday on the horizon? Or maybe Joan Crawford's...
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