I'd be willing to bet that the ratings for last night's episode of 24 were even higher than usual, what with every fanboy in the country tuning in for the big premiere of the X-Men: The Last Stand trailer (most of them probably prepared to go kill Brett Ratner if the thing was as awful as they feared). So, is it awful? Well, not completely - I'm pretty convinced that, with millions of dollars to make what is basically a 90 second movie, it's almost impossible to have it not be visually impressive. But it strikes me that about 98% of the trailer walks a very, very fine line between powerfully affecting and profoundly silly. Kelsey Grammer with blue skin and fur, wearing a suit? To me, that's hilarious. And the army of mutants? I'm sorry, but it really looked absurd, at least in dramatic long-shot. Also, the one glimpse of Juggernaut is just as silly as the photos led us to believe. That said, however, Ian McKellen is a good enough actor that almost everything he says is convincing, and his scenes keep the trailer from veering completely into "oh dear" territory. While it's true that, as someone who thinks the X-Men movies are simply fluffy fun, I can't react to the trailer with a deep understand of the characters and events depicted there, the fact is that I'm much more representative of the general public than those who can.

It's too early yet (I'm writing this at about 8am EST) for there to be too many reactions around the web, so it's be great to hear from some of you (fanboys and non-fanboys) about this one - are you guys are horrified as you expected, or has Ratner been (ever so slightly) redeemed?
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