According to the trade papers, MGM is schedule to announce an ambitious new slate of distribution deals later today. Though the studio stopped doing production of its own when it was acquired by Sony last year, this afternoon it will reveal deals with independent studios that will have it distributing about 20 films over the next year. The bulk of that number will come from The Weinstein Company and Bauer Martinez, which are together expected to contribute up to 15 pictures. Titles from that duo could included such TWC films as Clerks 2, Lucky Number Slevin, and Young Hannibal: Behind the Mask, as well as Bauer properties The Darwin Awards and Christian Bale starrer Harsh Times. Other, smaller productions houses will also be part of the deal: Lakeshore Entertainment is already on board, and talks are on-going with Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, among others.

The smaller companies will have the option of utilizing MGM's growing marketing department for movie promotion, while TWC and other bigger studios will continue to promote their own properties. Another aspect of this deal is MGM's contract with Showtime, under which the company is responsible for up to 30 slots over the course of the year; the films that are part of this deal could fill some of those slots.
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