Frank Miller is really gearing up for his return to the director's chair alongside his newfound partner and best friend Robert Rodriguez. He recently announced that his script work onSin City 2was nearly finished and ready to go, and he has now made it known that he and Rodriguez are itching to start production work as soon as possible - perhaps as early as June, according to Miller. Miller feels that his newest draft of the script, which he just sent along to Rod, is the real deal. When asked if he was ready to get behind the camera again, Miller amusingly answered, "Yes. Eager, ready and drooling." He finished up his chat by declaring with a tease that there exists more information he's very excited about, "But I’ve learned not to talk about them until your name is on the marquee."

Well, Frank, I'm glad to hear that you are eager and ready to get back into action - I promise that you've got a legion of fans who are just as eager to see your return to the silver screen. Here's hoping your sequel(s) are as fantastic as the original.
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