A brand spanking new Cars trailer (as if we're not sick to death of them by now) will debut on March 9th via every possible outlet ever invented. Honestly, the way they're releasing it and the matter in which they word it in this press release is so absolutely insane, it's almost painful to type. The following paragraph will detail this strategy and I challenge you to read it through completely, out loud, without taking a breath. Just for fun.

On March 9th, here's where you will be able to see the new Cars trailer: Basic cable outlets, internet sites, Disney Theme Parks, ESPN Zones, Disney Stories, the ABC SuperSign in Times Square, the Disney Channel, Toon Disney, ABC Family, SOAPNet, Lifetime Television, Lifetime Movie Network, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, ESPNews, ESPNU, STARZ, Starz Kids & Family, Starz Comedy, Starz Edge, Starz Cinema, Starz HDTV, Starz On Demand, the AOL Welcome Screen, AOL.com, Moviefone, AOL Red, KOL, AOL Music, Disneyland Resort (Anaheim), Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando), Tokyo Disneyland and, finally, Hong Kong Disney Theme Park & Resort.

Is there anywhere the Cars trailer won't be playing? Actually, there is - inside my freaking living room. Maybe it's a bit insensitive of me to ask, but how is this not overkill? It's still a bit too early to predict whether or not this massive campaign will be followed by another awesome Pixar adventure, but March 9th is this Thursday and I really need to go prepare my bomb, er, Disney shelter.


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