The suits at Warner Brothers loved Old School and Starsky & Hutch so much, and are so desperate for comedic talent, that they've signed a two year first-look deal with Todd Phillips, who directed those films, and his production company. The deal comes just as Phillips' similar deal with Dimension, for whom he made School for Scoundrels, expires, and Phillips has some big ideas for the future at his new home: "[Warners] is a renowned studio, rich in history and achievement, and I look forward to lowering the bar."

Not willing to wait to get the bar-lowering started, Warners have hired Phillips to direct The Disassociate, Zach Helm's story about "an ordinary man who questions his sanity when he receives postcards from God." Since Phillips is currently in pre-production for Old School 2, though, it's unlikely that we'll hear much more about this project any time soon. Which is sort of a bummer, because I think we really need some more freaking plot details - postcards? From God? What?!
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