One of the documentaries screening at SXSW, Letters from the Other Side, focuses on the stories of several women in Mexico with family members that moved to the United States. The women communicate with their loved ones and with immigration officials via video "letters." Letters from the Other Side debuted at Slamdance earlier this year.

Director Heather Courtney reports in a press release that the U.S. consulate in Mexico City has denied these women's requests for visas to visit Austin during SXSW. Courtney, festival staff, and even U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett all wrote letters on behalf of the women to no avail. Courtney, who lives in Austin, will be holding a fundraiser during SXSW for the Mexican women. She notes in her press release that the failed visa attempt underscores one of the themes of her film: while she as an American had no trouble filming and delivering the video letters from the women, it is far more difficult for Mexican citizens to enter this country legally.