Hey all you Resident Evil fans - yes, all six of you: details have been firmed up for the third installment in the series, and lots of the major figures are coming back. Woo hoo! A talentless hackPaul W.S. Anderson wrote the screenplay (as he did for parts one and two) to be directed by Russell Mulcahy, and queen of all white action chicks Milla Jovovich is back as Alice, which is all that really matters. She'll be wandering from Nevada to Alaska, all the while dodging zombies, lab rats, and "the minions of the perpetually scheming Dr. Isaacs." And, because they apparently aren't getting offered any other jobs, Mike Epps, Oded Fehr, and Iain Glen are all coming back for the adventure. (As an aside, what's the deal with Glen? He's a good actor who's done some interestingstuff, and yet he can't get paid for anything that's not a video game movie.)

Though the title of this one is a rather final-sounding Resident Evil: Extinction, only a fool would assume it's going to be the last installment. I mean, Milla and Anderson broke up, and this one is still being made - if the death of love didn't kill the series off, what could?
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