Master storyteller Wes Craven recently sat down with Sci Fi Wire to discuss his thoughts on his upcoming supernatural horror project The Waiting - which will be directed by Alexandre Aja, who also directed The Hills Have Eyes remake based on Craven's work. Craven outlined the plot of The Waiting for Sci Fi Wire; in a nutshell, the story is as follows:

A young couple living in New York have a child together, but soon lose him due to some terrible accident. The wife has trouble coping (naturally. who wouldn't?), and in an attempt to help her regain balance, they move into the more peaceful countryside. They take with them a few reminders of their son, and not long after moving she becomes convinced that the ghost/spirit of her dead son is talking with her. Of course, this drives her totally around the bend, leaving her husband in a state of helplessness. At some point, the audience will realize that she is, in fact, talking with a ghost - but not that of her dead child. <insert creepy music here> is the place where I flounder again, due to my lack of knowledge of the horror genre. Fans, is this a creepy sounding story? It sounds relatively generic thus far - but I suppose a fair amount of the scare factor also lies in the presentation.
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