So you haven't had quite enough of post-Oscar news coverage, commentary, and rants against Crash? Of course you haven't. Here's a roundup of some of the most entertaining blogger reactions to the Oscars.
  • Scott Kirsner of CinemaTech points out the irony of Academy members encouraging the rest of us to buy tickets to see movies in theaters instead of on DVD.
  • Aaron's post-Oscar commentary at Out of Focus notes that "the Oscars are the hardest room in town" for comedians, even the top-notch variety such as Chris Rock and Jon Stewart.
  • The Reeler performs a much-needed chore that I would not have had the stamina for: he reviews several Oscar liveblogging entries. That thing about the "God dust" scared me, and made me feel glad I spent Sunday evening at a nice quiet Oscar party with no internet access.
  • Finally, Reverse Shot saves a thousand words and sums up their reaction to the Oscars in a single photo (which you might not want to look at from the office).